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Season will kick off on Sat, Nov 3rd

Team Fee:    $ 875.00 (max. 12 players)

Team Entry Deadline:    Sun, Oct 21st

Player Registration:    $ 90.00

NOTE:  Players not registered and on a team roster by Oct 21st will be placed by the league in order to balance the teams as much as possible.

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As always, gym availability is dependent on Varsity commitments, and therefore in the pre-Christmas session, games will be mainly on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as Sunday mornings.


Roster and player registration forms may be filled on screen and returned via e-mail to

If Player Registration forms are submitted via e-mail, they must be submitted by the actual player named on the form.  Please ensure appropriate waiver forms are included with the Player Registration, otherwise the registration will not be accepted.

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Please make any cheques payable to ‘Armstrong Park S.C.’ or ‘A.P.S.C.’
Payments may also be submitted via e-mail transfers to the above e-mail