Indoor Schedule

As we have not had any communication back from the College, we believe the roof must have been repaired by this time and we should be able to resume the schedule on the first weekend in January, as planned, to make up the postponed games from the first round.
Since no new dates/times have been offered by the College, we will go with the original gym availability given to us back in November.  However, we will still try to obtain some hours on Saturday afternoons in order to avoid so many evening games.
Coaches/Team Reps, please ensure your players are aware of the second-half schedule and note the games this coming Saturday are scheduled to begin at noon, not in the evening.  The full schedule is shown below (subject to revision if Saturday afternoon times do become available in February and/or March).


** Revised **

Indoor 2018 Schedule

Indoor Sched 2018 – Revised